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Construction Deluxe Restroom

Construction Deluxe Restroom

A step above the “regular” porta potties, the Deluxe provides 25% more interior space, chemical flushing toilet and hand wash sink. With 24% more floor space, these units come equipped with a flushing bowl and hand wash sink. They are designed to keep waste out of sight for a more refined experience.

Construction Deluxe Restroom features:

One unit is rated for 10 people on a 40 hour work week
Approved by the Ministry of Labour (MOL)
Spacious design - 24% larger than regular units
Flushing toilet bowl
Discrete waste tank
Integrated foot pumps for water and flush
Occupancy signal latch
Hand washing facilities included within
Includes two toilet paper rolls
Sanitary seat deck and floor design
Non-splash urinal