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Handwash Station

Handwash Station

Our Portable Hand Wash Station gives you and your guest an alternative to the traditional hand sanitizer dispensers that come standard in all of our special event portable restrooms. The Portable Hand Wash Station can easily be moved and placed throughout your venue where your guests will enjoy the convenience washing their hands.


Cold weather will freeze hand wash stations.  
The rental must be used indoors or when temperature is
above freezing. 

Handwash Station features:

17 gallon fresh water capacity
Its small footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces and hard to access areas
Extra large basin allows for full forearm immersion
Lightweight - only 189 pounds when filled with water
Only one person is needed to move the unit. Simply tilt it back with the belt in handles and steer it like a hand truck
500 towel capacity (1 roll or 500 single folds)
Foot pump for hygienic hands-free operation
Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers included